CTC TV interview with Vani Selvarajah

CTC, 12 April 2012 - Amidst many hurdles, beyond intimidation and fear tactics, there were individuals from many parts of the world who played a significant role in the outcome of the UN resolution on Sri Lanka - one that ultimately altered the predictable voting pattern of many nations for the first ever vote against the actions of the Sri Lankan state. Among them, Gary Anandasangaree and Vani Selvarajah of the Canadian Tamil Congress were on the ground on behalf of Lawyers Rights Watch Canada to help advocate for the passage of a UN resolution regarding Sri Lanka.

In a one on one interview with Sarujan Kanapathipillai, Vani talks about the experiences leading up to the vote and the likely impact it will have on the future of Tamils in Sri Lanka in the current political and constitutional landscape.

Vani is an articling student and will be called to the Ontario Bar in June 2012. The Toronto Star recently published an opinion piece by Vani.


- CTC TV interview with Gary Anandasangaree